National Lottery Christmas Eve Draw

I’ve just completed work on some animation for the BBC 1 Christmas eve broadcast of the National Lottery Euromillions draw. The show was broadcast live from the Natural History museum and occasionally featured animations projected onto the building itself.

The projections were based on laser scans and photographs of the building, so that when animated the building looked to be moving. I was supervising the VFX for a couple of the sequences, notably the finale where a dinosaur smashes out the front of the Natural History Museum revealing the final Euromillion number. I produced everything in 3DS Max and imported the animated dinosaur in from Maya via FBX – the dinosaur was animated by the ever lovely Scott Pleydell-Pearce.

My favorite part was smashing the building up using Rayfire and PhysX – I think I have a real taste for blowing things up and destroying them in 3D now – can’t wait to do it again! You can see the entire performance here (opens in new window).