Training and Consultation


  • Justin at JD3D is one of the first ten V-Ray Mentors in the world; able to offer professional certification and training in V-Ray.
  • You can choose to train with me in Berlin, or I can visit you on site anywhere in Germany or the UK – to train or certify your staff in V-Ray rendering.
  • If you would like beginner, mid-level or advanced V-Ray training, I can cater a course for you specifically.
  • Training materials are provided by chaos Group, and I can provide a temporary educational licence.
  • You can also get an official Chaos Group ‘V-Ray Certified Professional’ certificate at the end (if you pass!)

What can training do for me?

Anything that saves time, saves money.

Training to use V-Ray correctly is a great investment!

  • Learn lots of time-saving tips and work-flows
  • Speed up renders
  • Reduce set-up times for V-Ray scenes
  • Learn how to optimise scenes so they fit into memory
  • Being confident you are “doing it right” helps keep you relaxed and focused
  • ‘V-Ray certified’ is a great professional qualification
  • Saves money on hardware
  • Learn the latest Chaos Group work-flows and methods

For beginners: V-Ray has been around for over a decade and gone through many iterations. Taking a class now means you will learn the most up-to-date methods, and can skip years of superfluous tutorials and lessons.

If you have a project needing rendering expertise, please feel free to get in touch.