Super Big Funtime Flash Racing Game!

Player Vs CPU

Player Vs CPU

This is a racing game I began years ago for Ford. The job was halted before production finished so the game is incomplete; there are a few bugs and problems I do not have the time or inclination to fix. I still think at stands as an example of my level of Action-scripting ability.

Two Player Mode

Two Player Mode

Notable features include: two player mode; computer controlled cars; inertia and other simple phyics; changeable external maps; adjustable vector rendering quality; power-ups; 3D graphics; and a PHP scoreboard.

For some reason I received an ‘editor’s choice award’ for this, at a time when Flash game programming was in its relative infancy.  At the time Flash racing games were all cutting corners whereas I didn’t compromise on any details – things like collision detection or CPU controlled cars were always missing.  Nowadays this game is put to shame by what some people can achieve, but I’m proud anyway I learned a lot – anyway, if you’re thinking of hiring me for a job involving interactive menus or a bit of Max Scripting I hope this shows I’m able to do it.


Player One

up = fast
down = slow
left = rotate left
right = rotate right

Player Two

w = fast
s = slow
a = rotate left
d = rotate right

Info Panel

Info Panel

Known issues:

Too numerous to list – come on, it’s been years since I’ve touched this, and it was stopped before it was finished.

  • Track 3 is randomly refusing to load now.
  • The embedded typeface seems to have lost some punctuation.
  • Another typeface is missing, presumed dead (didn’t have permission to use at the time due to copyright).
  • Sometimes the cars will fly backwards.
  • The PHP high score table points to a location on a server with some guys I used to work with who have since taken it down.

If you do spot any bugs:

  • I don’t care.
  • Don’t point them out to me unless you are going to hire me to fix them!
Select Quality Mode!

Select Quality Mode!